Short-Term Rental Compliance Software

Set up your short-term rental program quickly with Cloudpermit.

  • Online registration & renewal
  • Online payment
  • Mobile inspections & compliance
  • Drive revenue
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Online Short-Term Rental Registrations

Our user-friendly software makes it easier for homeowners in your community to participate in short-term rental programs.

They can apply for a registration online to put their home on Airbnb or VRBO and as a result, bring more money into your economy.

Online Portal in the Cloud

Log into Cloudpermit whenever and wherever suits you best.

  • Use any mobile device via the Internet
  • Benefit from storing information in the cloud
  • Automatically save and protect information in real-time
  • Send direct or group time-stamped messages

License Dashboard View

Access all the information you need most often on your dashboard as soon as you log into Cloudpermit.

  • Find the most recent applications
  • View upcoming due dates
  • Automate fee calculations
  • Manage business information
  • Verify the status of an application

GIS Integration

Seamlessly integrate your GIS for accurate and relevant location information.

  • Find up-to-date property information
  • Plan routes for site visits
  • Separate areas into zones

Data Import

Easily import past business licenses into Cloudpermit.

  • Move existing data into a new system
  • Store past business licenses online
  • Keep all information in one place

Renewal Management

Renew business licenses with ease online.

  • Get notified before renewals are due
  • Send automatic email notifications to business owners for renewals
  • See dashboard view for upcoming renewals

Document Management

Manage and sort documents simply and quickly with Cloudpermit.

  • Manage documents for multiple business licenses
  • Filter and sort relevant information


Take advantage of custom reports and one-click downloads to learn more about the data surrounding your business licenses.

  • Create reports for business license renewals
  • Use templates
  • Track outstanding fees
  • Download reports as an Excel or CSV file

Payment and Fee Calculations

Set up online and over-the-counter payments.

  • Send notifications for due payments
  • Calculate fees for business licenses
  • Manage overdue fees

Manage and Track Your Entire Short-Term Rentals Program

Registrations, payments, inspections, compliance, and more - all in one place online.

Enable Online Registrations

Property owners can apply for short-term rental registrations online.

Review and Approval

Staff can easily review and approve applications, track payments, and complete registrations.

Automated Renewal Notifications

Renewal notifications can be easily triggered to send automated email notifications.

Manage All Compliance and Inspections

Staff can track registrants' compliance and complete pre-issuance inspections from a mobile device in the field.

Perform Inspections in the Field

Conduct on-site mobile inspections, enable pre-issuance inspections, and set up annually recurring inspections.

Implement Quickly

Get up and running FAST. Cloudpermit Short-Terms Rentals can be set up in weeks.

Online Payments

Accept online and over-the-counter payments, send notifications when payments are due, and calculate the necessary fees.

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Why Choose Cloudpermit?

Government agencies and citizens can access our software on any mobile device just by logging into their account via a web browser – 24/7.

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Permits Issued
Inspections Conducted

“Every part of my Cloudpermit journey has been easy and everything that I was promised in the sales process has been delivered.”

Julie Wicker, Clerk for the Town of Wilson, Wisconsin

“We always communicate to our citizens that we understand the importance of their building permit, and by making our building permit process easy with Cloudpermit, we can show them how important their building permit is to us."

Kieran McMullen, Building Inspector/Code Enforcement for the City of Darien, Georgia

“Cloudpermit cuts the fluff and focuses on what building departments need while being cost-effective and user-friendly."

Thomas Hager, Building Official for Town of Pulaski, Virginia

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